Team Akashi Digital

Itay Tuchman

Founder & CEO

Ex-Head of Global Foreign Exchange, Citi

Lead FX industry engagement with Crypto markets as Chair of the Global Foreign Exchange Division (GFXD)

Broad Global Experince

Itay began his career with Citi in 1998 and has 20+ years of senior global financial markets experience, spanning Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

He has built and grown trading desks, sales forces and technology teams in multiple geographies and across every major asset class. He has connectivity and regulatory expertise in multiple major jursidictions including US, UK, Europe, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Finance Industry Expert

Most recently, he spent the past 5 years leading Citi’s Global Foreign Exchange business, spanning 70+ countries and delivering best-in-class FX services, liquidity and technology products to the world’s largest investors, corporates and a diverse array of active Forex market participants. Itay also chairs the industry-wide Global Foreign Exchange Division (GXFD), working closely with regulators and others to continue to build a well-functioning, safer, and more efficient Foreign Exchange industry.

Digital Asset Leader

Over the past many years, he has led the ongoing engagement between bank trading desks, global regulators and Digital Asset/Crypto-focused institutions. He is a regular speaker and attendee at major crypto conferences and regularly writes and speaks on issues in the intersection of Digital Assets and Traditional Financial services companies. He is actively involved within the Crypto sector and in working with and advising companies in accelerating the development of blockchain-based finance.